Production System

The uniqueness of Odisha Kendu (tendu) leaf is the value addition of raw leaves by way of drying, seasoning, grading, compressing and packing to make processed bundles. The Kendu leaves are graded into Grade-I to Grade- IV quality as per the colour, texture, size, leaf condition which are packed in gunny bags of 60 kg. 100 such bags equivalent to sixty quintals are sold as K.L lots.

No gradation is done in case of Phal leaves, which are collected in Jeypore, Nabarangpur and partly from Khariar Divisions.

The field operation covers 7601 collection centres popularly known as “phadi” spread over 23 western and central districts of Odisha.

The state has 962 binding parties working in 10,054 Khunti involving 24,286 Binders. About 8 lakh primary collectors collect leaves and 17,427 seasonal staff supervises various operations across the state.