Plucking & Kerry Making

After 45-50 days of bush cutting, collection of kendu leaves start. The pluckers make 20 leaves into a bundle called “Kerry”.

Kendu leaf kerries are purchased in collection centres (phadi) spreads all across the state.

4.4 lakh person days are generated in repair and maintenance of phadies involving payment of Rs. 10.14 crore.

Procurement of kendu leaf involves about 161 crores and it generates approx. 70.04 lakh person days. Purchase price of KL is about 50% of total expenditure of the kundu leaf operation which supplements income of collectors.

Drying & Seasoning

The drying and storage is integral to KL processing. It takes 8-10 days to dry the keeries after which it is taken to phadies and stored in a special manner called “Rachei”.

Plucking of Kendu Leaves

Majority of KL Pluckers are Women

Pluckers sale leaves by chatta formation

Bundles Checking at Drying yard