Infrastructure Development

The collection centers (phadi) are the main functional units of KL activities, which are located at more than 7600 rural sites. In order to convert the mud-thatched phadi houses to multipurpose utility center for the village 1239 no of phadis have been made permanent structure which are used both as collection center and community hall for villagers in off-season. In a year now 600 phadis are being made permanent.

10-15 Range offices are being built annually to replace the dilapidated office buildings. Similarly, 15-17 Central Godowns are constructed annually to improve storage capacity and to replace unusable old mud-brick godowns.

The trade surplus is also utilised to construct staff quarters for field staff residing in remote forest areas of the state. Various other infrastructural activities like drinking water supply, electrification to godowns, interior range offices have been now possible on account of KL working.

Permanent Phadi used for Community Activity

Range Offices-Residence Construction